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Gnomeo Takes a Sail-About

When our friends Travis and Andrea mentioned us taking a travelocity gnome with us on our trip we were all for it! We’ve had Gnomeo with us since we left the dock in Gallatin, TN. He has his share of our bumps and bruises, but now resides strapped to our mast. We can see him clearly while at the helm under any condition. He serves as a great reminder of strong faith and courage when we are tested in growing weather or sketchy conditions. We look at Gnomeo and know that our friend is in the battle of her life, and she has the courage to trust and find strength in God. This helps us put all we face into perspective.

Andrea has a rare form of cancer. You can read more about her in her: living life the cancer way. Just before we left home, her mother-in-law passed away from cancer. She loved yard-sales and came across this travelocity gnome. Travis and Andrea knew a great place for this traveling gnome to take a trip on an adventure! They are amazing folks and we are blessed by knowing them!

So here’s the start of a gallery of Gnomeo . . . in all his fame and glory:

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  1. Marcus White #

    Love the Swamp Fox Gnomeo. Francis Marion was my hero as a kid. Just kidding, but I did a school project once on the “Swamp Fox”. Live long and prosper, Gnomeo!

    August 16, 2012

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