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She’s arrived!

We are pleased to announce the arrival of our daughter, Wren Eleanor Clark! She was born Tuesday, September 17th at 12:32 pm. She weighed 9 lbs 1 oz and was 21.5 inches long. Ethan loves being a big brother and does a great job helping with her.




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Goodbye to Night Music

We said goodbye to Night Music this past weekend. She pulled away from the dock under the guidance of her new owners Jackson and Arlene on Saturday. They will make their way down the rivers and back to Tarpon Springs, FLA and beyond in their adventure.

It was very bitter-sweet saying goodbye, but I was glad to get to meet Jackson and Arlene and see the excitement they have for their new adventures. I feel like the long standing tradition of excellent care and fun adventures will continue and Night Music will serve them well in their journeys. You can follow their blog here:

I thought before now I would have been able to post the news of our baby girl’s arrival – but she has delayed!! I am 42 weeks and will have a c-section Tuesday if I don’t deliver before. I’ll be sure to post her photo and how we are all doing. We are excited and anxiously anticipating her arrival!

Thank you all for following us in our journey and for all the love and encouragement we received along the way. This was one amazing adventure that has blessed our lives so much! For those of you planning to do a trip of your own – the best time is now!! We say go for it and enjoy your time. There is so much to see out there!


Nick, Stacy & Ethan

Pick up the tempo just a little bit and take it on home . . .

…gonna pack my bag a little heavy this time, gonna head my ass back home…I’ll see you in Nashville, if you ever get out that way. I’ll see you around, around my hometown. -c. robison

Nick has been full of song lyrics about heading home lately. We have decided to list Night Music in preparation for our next adventures. We love our floating home and have really enjoyed our time with her these last couple years.

Here’s the listing – please feel free to share and help us find a good home for her.

Night Music’s listing

Nick, Stacy & Ethan

BIG News!

Sorry I’ve been so quite lately with the blog posts. There is good reason . . . I’ve tried to think of a clever way to announce – but many seem cliché so I’ll just list them below and I’m sure the hint will be gotten:

Bun in the oven
4th crew member on the way
Baby on board
With child
In a family way

I think you are getting the point . . .
but finally the straight forward – I’m pregnant!!

With this new happening I’ve been sick-as-a-dog and over the rail most days. As I’m close to entering second trimester my hope is that this ‘phase’ will pass quickly and we will continue moving on with our journey. We’ll be back in the states for the delivery and will post more on our plans as they become concrete.

I’ll post soon about our time here in George Town, Bahamas but wanted to break the silence with this exciting news! Please pray for the morning sickness (who’s kidding . . . ALL day sickness!) to pass quickly and for the health and well-being of all of us.

Happy New Year!!

I am behind on my posts but wanted to wish everyone a very happy new year!! We have made it to Nassau and we’re having a blast. Our friends Steve and Cosy arrived yesterday. We enjoyed some of the Junkanoo parade this morning and the fireworks all over the island were amazing last night!

Happy New Year!!
Nick, Stacy & Ethan