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This is what we coined today . . . it his us like a ton of bricks that we are leaving in just a mere 14 days. That is the length of some vacations!

With this in mind we began making some decisions. For instance, instead of continuing to mess with the outboard motor we were given (still very grateful), it would be best to purchase a new outboard that will be reliable when we need it. When dealing with currents, tides, etc – we need reliability! Nick spent the afternoon calling around to get us the best price and we think we’ve found it – more on that later.

We’ve also started staging ‘boat stuff’ in the garage . . . slowly moving items for the trip from their temporary storage. So keep us in your prayers for our sanity, organization and wisdom in planning!



Bon Voyage

It’s the final countdown! 21 days until departure. We’ve scheduled the bon voyage and blessing for Night Music and would love to see all who can make it!

A casual gathering of friends and family

reception from 5:00-8:00 pm

Saturday, February 25, 2012

Gallatin Marina ~ 727 Marina Private Drive, Gallatin

A blessing of Night Music will be held prior to the gathering at 3:00 pm if you would like to attend.

Hope to see you there! -stacy

Bon voyage is a French phrase borrowed into English meaning, literally, “good journey,” and usually translated as meaning “have a good trip.”

getting things in order

My mind swims with all the things we feel we have to get done before we go. Operative term here is ‘feel.’ It would be nice to get everything we’ve wanted to accomplish done but in the end the main purpose is to GO!

Some of the not so fun things to get our household in order:

Wills – no one likes to talk about them, but it is an important item – especially with children. Dell offers this service as a benefit of employment. See if your employer offers the same and take advantage. We met some great folks at Lee and Lee Law Offices in Lebanon TN as they helped us get all our wishes down on paper if the ‘worst’ were to happen.

Credit Reports – we wanted to be sure to clean up any unused open accounts and to make sure  our credit histories were accurate. This is a free service once a year. Just go to, enter your info and check the 3 agency reports as each gives you a bit different information.

Assets – be sure you know what you have (company 401Ks, etc.) and that it’s being managed the way you want for the time you are gone. I can only imagine that keeping a good record will help  when we get back so you know what and where you have accounts or for how much you are vested. Plus, I’m way OCD.

More to come later . . . 28 days and counting.


boat stamp

Another small but important detail taken care of – boat stamp ordered! We’ve read on many blogs that boat stamps can be used from signing other boats guest books, marking some of your property (books, etc.), to some documentation for entrance to some countries. And since I love the tactile, custom mark specialty stamp we decided to get a stamp!

On a side note – Nick stamped the book our friends the Jett’s gave us. This is a quick and interesting read for any looking for a bit of a different perspective.


a few projects . . .

Here’s a quick rundown of a few additions to Night Music:

bow pulpit—All of the teak on the bow pulpit has been removed and replaced with a redesigned and hopefully much stronger model.  (I originally called this the bowsprit, but I’ve since discovered that it’s only a bowsprit if the forestay is connected to it.)  Thanks to Steve for his help with the building and design.

generator—We haven’t worried much about power consumption.  I installed 4 trojan T-145’s (wired as a parallel series- giving us 12v and a little over 520 AH (20 hr rating)) and a second bank that’s the isolated starting battery.  We do not have refrigeration, AC, microwave or any other electricity hogs except our old style nav lights.  So I’m hoping we can go a few days without topping off the batteries.  To do this we have two alternators on the Diesel, so when we’re underway the batteries are charging, but also we purchased a new Honda 2000 generator.  This little fella is supposed to run 10hrs on a gallon of fuel!  This will be how we charge the batteries when at anchor. ( the secondary reason for the Honda is, if we do purchase a watermaker at later date, we will already have the manufacturers recommended power source)

heater—It’s cold here in TN, so with this in mind we picked up a little Mr. Heater “buddy”.  It’s a propane heater that runs off of disposable propane containers.  We expect to only use it to knock the chill out of the cabin and warm it up while we’re awake.  It’s fully equipped with an  “auto shutoff” low oxygen sensor, I don’t plan on testing that feature, we’ll turn it off before bed.