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Made it to Mobile

We stayed in Destin for just over a week. After my family’s visit we had some friends drive down from Nashville and had other friends who happened to be down from Knoxville on vacation . . . was so great to see some friends and catch up a bit! The weather was very windy and cloudy. We delayed leaving because of the forecasted wind on the nose, and almost waited until Wednesday to leave, but Tuesday morning we woke to a perfect forecast to make our run. “NW 10-15 changing to SW 12-17 in the afternoon, seas 2 ft.” So we talked with Silver Lining and decided to make a run for Perdido Key – 50 nm away. We made it out the very shallow cut (we saw 7 ft.) and started west with wind 10 knots on the nose. We continued to hope that it would actually shift to the predicted NW but never saw it. Instead, about 20 miles out the winds grew to 25 knots and had just the very slightest bit of South in the direction. So half way to our mark, strong winds on the nose, bashing through waves we made it slowly to Perdido. The worst of it only lasted about 3 hours, but it felt much longer. It slowed our progress so much that we made anchor with about  45 minutes of light to spare. We anchored and hit the beach with Silver Lining before having our fair-well dinner with them as we were headed to Mobile and they to Pensacola.

The next morning we woke early to get moving and make our 50 miles into the Dog River area of Mobile. All we saw was thick fog. We delayed for a bit, then saw it starting to clear so we decided to go ahead and start moving slowly down the ICW. The fog lasted for a few hours and when it finally burned off, it was hot! We made our way into Mobile Bay and were greeted by the very muddy water. Then we started seeing trees floating by and recalled the flooding at home. Rain up north will definitely play into our plans for heading up river.

We made it to Turner Marine around 4pm that afternoon and I got try my hand at backing into a wet slip. Ugh . . . I’d been avoiding this the entire adventure, but now was face-to-face with something I had been dreading. I would love to say that I gracefully defeated my nemesis, but that would not be the case. No damage was done and no one was hurt, but it was not graceful and I was happy that there were lots of hands to help out. We secured the boat, Nick passed out beers and we got settled in. Our friend Ryan was in town for work so we got to catch up with him as well and run a few errands too.

We were supposed to have the mast pulled yesterday, but because of storms that has been delayed to Monday. The lumber for the mast cradle will be delivered on Monday as well (thank you Lowe’s for free delivery!). Once pulled, Nick will start sanding and painting the mast and boom. Ethan is ready to be at his grandparent’s houses, and I have to fulfill some ‘red tape’ to complete my application for maternity coverage, so we’ve rented a car and Ethan and I will leave in the morning for a quick trip up to Tennessee. I’ll return Tuesday or Wednesday to help finish some details, then we will just wait for the rivers to get back to normal or close to normal pool for our trip upstream. Let’s just hope for no rain for a week or two : )

Things are progressing. It is still bitter-sweet as we start to say good-bye to our adventure.

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  1. Jamie and Aunti #

    Best of luck as you prepare for your trip home. You have done a great job and
    Have had lots of wonderful experiences.
    I’m sure you will enjoy being home with family. Hope your pregnancy continues to go well . When is the baby due? Happy safe sailing. Love, Jamie and Aunti

    May 11, 2013
  2. Diane gower #

    Hard to believe the time has passed so fast. And how will you settle back on the farm now that you’ve see “Paree”. Did that make sense. .? Reference to an old Broadway show tune. Are sailing days over? When are you due?

    May 12, 2013

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