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Decorating for Christmas

So this post is a little late – but we’ve been covered up in activity! I’ll work on catching us up – especially since we have only 2 months before we ship out!

original post:

I so love Christmas lights, and having a 57 ft mast is the perfect reason to string them up! Ethan and Nick had fun in the adventure too. Ethan got to try out his new full body harness and loves swinging from the mast! He went all the way to the top set of spreaders with Nick – then said ‘okay – I’m ready to go down’ . . . I love it because he is attached!

Special thanks to Rory White for his fantastic photos and to Mike Quinn for the evening lights photo of Night Music!


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Sunset at Night Music’s current home – ‘Old Harbor’ at Gallatin Marina (TN). We can’t wait for the sunsets we will see on our big adventure! I love sunsets – a beautiful cap to a day and watching the whole world go to rest . . . -stacy