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Cambridge Cay and Warderick Wells

We’ve had some great adventures the last couple days! Cambridge Cay lies at the southern end of the Exuma Land and Sea Park. This is a no take zone – literally nothing that is alive or has been alive! This means that what you see is pristine nature! We landed at Cambridge and took a short walk over to the sound side of the island. Bell Rock sits nestled among the waves just off the crescent shaped beach below the rocky cliffs. We strolled along the beach and followed the trail up to the top. We took a side trip on another trail that led to a pond on the island. The brown of the pond and it’s grimy, slimy, salty edge is so different from the rest of the water are used to seeing. That night we had the chance to talk with sv Cheers (a 28’ Southern Cross). We had briefly seen them in Vero Beach but with the rain and our departure did not get to say much more than “hello – we’re the other southern cross.”

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Next day we took off to explore the Rocky Dundas. These are two small islands just south of Cambridge Cay that seem to hover over the water. Two caves have formed on one of the islands – one we’ve been told is large enough to drive your dingy into at low tide! We unfortunately did not get to visit at low tide, but were there on a falling tide enough that we were able to swim under the lip and into the cave. Was really neat to feel the rushing and pulling of the current inside and see Ethan’s face full of wonder! Nick was able to see a sea turtle swim away under water while snorkeling . . . a special treat!

We returned to the boat, pulled anchor and headed over to the nearby Sea Aquarium and Coral Garden. We anchored right behind Little Halls Pond (Johnny Depp’s Island so we are told) and made the quick dingy ride over. Sea Aquarium was right!! Sargent Majors came right up to the dingy as soon as we tied to the mooring and when we entered the water we were swarmed! Ethan loved it and swam along like a champ! The coral garden was amazing and we saw all shapes and sizes of coral in this small area. We also saw all sorts of fish, including what Nick referred to as the Granddaddy of all lobsters!

Today we traveled up to Warderick Wells. We loved this stop on the way south. The park has so much to offer and so much to see! We had to leave our mark on Boo Boo Hill, so Nick and Ethan carved a piece of driftwood we found on Leaf Cay with our boat name, port and year. Who knows how long it will last, but it was fun to participate with all the fellow cruisers before and after us. Ethan also enjoyed low tide by exploring the sand bars and getting his swim in for the day.

Tomorrow we leave at first light to cross to Eluthera. All in all, the trip will be just over 40 miles. We’re excited to see another part of the Bahamas, but sad to say good-bye to the Exumas. Such a beautiful place!

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