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Working our way down the Exumas

You guys are going to get sick of me saying this, but the Exumas are beautiful!! Every Cay we reach has something different and more beautiful than the last.

This past week we traveled from Norman’s Cay to Shroud Cay where we visited the most beautiful beach . . . has to be close to the top in our Top 5 if not #1. You had to wind around a ‘creek’ in the dingy before reaching the eastern shore of this mostly-mangrove island. Once there the view of the ocean was framed by two boulders and you saw every shade of blue between them. There were sand bars all around so you could swim easily without surf as if in a big lagoon. Ethan boogie boarded in the surf not too far away and we could wade just ankle deep in another area. So much diversity on such a tiny beach. Ethan said “ wasn’t it nice for God to make such a great beach!” We agree.

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We left the anchorage mid-morning for Warderick Wells where the headquarters of the Exuma Land and Sea Park are located. It was cool to look behind us and see 6 sailboats heading in the same direction. Most of the folks we had met at our first beach social on Norman’s Cay the night before we left. It is so fun to meet folks from all over with such diverse backgrounds.

When we arrived our mooring was just behind our friends we met in Nassau, Hey Jude. It was so awesome to catch up with them again. We’ve spent the last 3 days here messing about. Nick and Ethan (mostly Nick) volunteered at the park for a day and helped make a picnic table out of scrap lumber. Ethan chased Hutia (An endangered mammal found on the island. Their population is doing really well . . . kind of a cross between a squirrel, rat and hamster). Sunday we hiked a good bit and visited Boo Boo Hill and the blow holes. Boo Boo Hill is famous in the cruising world – folks bring a piece of driftwood with their boat name and whatever other information, designs, etc. to leave on top of the hill. Was neat to even recognize a few names! We plan on leaving ours on the way back once we find the perfect piece of driftwood. The blow holes were really fun. They did not have spray, but the wind was so strong it stood Ethan’s hair straight up! We also spent time on the beach with our friends from Real Life. They have two older children Ethan loves to play with. Ethan ran and ran and ran.

The nights here are gorgeous. The sky is so bright with stars that the constellation Orion looks crowded. You can see for so very far in the inky blackness with the glowing stars. The moon is rising late so it is just the stars shining. Amazing.

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  1. Mary Jane Murphree #

    Love your posts and pictures! So glad you are sharing.

    January 16, 2013
  2. jett #

    Wow! That place looks amazing…I’m imagining that night sky.


    January 16, 2013
  3. Sandy #

    Your Bahama adventure is leaving me speechless with the wander of its beauty.
    “The heavens declare The Glory of The LORD, the skies, the work of His Hand. Day after day they pour forth speech, night after night they display His Glory…” Ps 19

    January 16, 2013
    • Thank you Sandy!! We are amazed by the beauty every day. Miss you!!

      January 17, 2013
  4. Melissa Koester #

    Just beautiful! Reading your blog and seeing your pictures helps me to warm up- it is 11 degrees today…..

    January 22, 2013

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