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It’s our last night in Charleston for a while and we can not say how much we have enjoyed our time here. We have met so many amazing people (F dock rules!!) and Charleston Harbor Marina and Resort has been the perfect spot for us this past month. From the staff at the marina, to all the folks on the dock – we’ve forged a friendship with all. I posted about the friendliness when we arrived, but that just does not put it into perspective. It will be hard to pull away from this dock tomorrow morning.

We have had a great last week in Charleston. Our friends from Firefly (Elizabeth and her two kids Sophie and Steven) took us to the Aquarium and we had a blast! Ethan (and Nick and I) were so excited to see their huge salt water tank. They had a petting area and I actually got to touch a ray – who knew how soft!!

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Ethan got some more pool time (after recovering from swimmer’s ear), a visit from a fire truck and more time swinging from the mast in his harness! Last night we even had an impromptu mini concert performed by a little girl from the next dock over (who is attending a fiddling camp this week) and Ethan with a harmonica – so fun!! We’ve hunted for sharks teeth on the beach (we found two!) and Ethan also tried catching crab from the boat (we were unsuccessful, but had fun!).  We had cobbler with friends, drinks with others and had fun at Trader Joe’s!

We’ve had several afternoon thunderstorms and the sunsets have been spectacular. Tide has also been on the higher end of it’s swings with the full moon. We’ve watched racers go out as well as charters. Learned a lot about the area and have loved being here.

We highly recommend Charleston Harbor Resort and Marina!! If you are in the Charleston area we can recommend several charter services including Captain Barry on Cythera ( or Captain Mike and Captain Michelle on Emotional Rescue (! We had excellent service by Aaron from Oil in a Day’s Work with our diesel and exhaust system and if you need canvas work, Bill at Indy Canvas is your man!

We have enjoyed our stay. F Dock at Charleston Harbor Resort and Marina – we will see you again!!


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  1. Leslie Akins #

    I love to hear about your adventure! What a lifetime of memories and friends you are building. Keep us posted. We’re in your corner!!!Leslie

    August 2, 2012

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