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We have had a great time in Fernandina. This is a beautiful area with a very cute downtown with lots of shops and fun things to see. The sunsets have been spectacular and when we arrived, we ran into many of the great folks we met in St. Augustine! Especially our friend Andy who we were moored next to in St. Augustine, then again in Fernandina! We had a great time catching back up with everyone and meeting a family from Switzerland. They have been cruising for 10 years with their son. They started cruising when he was just 2 months old and are now on their way back to Switzerland. It was perfect timing for us to talk with them, especially about raising a son and cruising, how to live efficiently and how it is possible to make a budget stretch. I was really sad that we met them on the end of their tour, but really happy to meet them all together! Their son gave Ethan some toys and they played together while we talked. So good to hear all that they have experienced!

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Tomorrow we will head to Cumberland Island . . . we have longed to go here even before we thought about sailing! So excited and hope we get to see all the wildlife, including seeing the wild horses! We will most likely stay there a few days, then work our way up with day sails to Savannah (meeting up with some friends we met in Ft. Lauderdale), then moving to Beaufort and Charleston.

Hope everyone is enjoying their summers and hope to see as many of you as possible along the east coast!


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  1. Jamie #

    Stacy and Nick,

    We leave Friday for Attean and it will be very good to get there. We were not sure we were going to make it for while. Anne has had a terrible 6 months with her knees… she is going to try and get through the summer. She has been in PT for the last few months. It will be great to get back on the island with family. So glad you have had good visits with friends and family.
    Sounds like the family from Switzerland was a real treat. Best of luck to you on your trip North.
    Are you planning to try and get to Attean at all? Probably Not this summer? Keep yourselves and little Ethan safe…..Keep on having fun… only go round once and you are fulfilling a dream and thats way more than a lot of folks could or would ever do……Got you in our prayers and thoughts. Love, Aunti and Jamie

    June 19, 2012

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